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Free Local Deliveries

Less than a month old, Klub Kratom is already beginning to grow. We have seen a lot of interest in the Fredericksburg area for quality Kratom. We will be adding new products to our store in the next couple of months to include essential oils, CBD, e-juice and vape supplies. We will continue to deliver as not having a storefront keeps prices down. Amazon Pay is now up and running. For local delivery, choose local delivery for the shipping method. If you don’t have an Amazon Account you can start one and pay that way or once we receive your order, we will invoice you by email from “In the Weeds,” our parent company, and you can use the link in the email to pay. Unfortunately credit card processing companies are making it very difficult on us because of the controversial nature of the product. Thanks for making our little venture gain some steam. Merry Christmas.

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