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Kratom: Legal or Illegal?

Let’s get right to it:
Kratom is LEGAL in the United States as of this time.

The FDA’s recent update states they have proof that the chemical makeup of the plant resembles the same chemical structure as an opioid.

However, this does not mean the product is now illegal.

This simply means the FDA “supposedly” has evidence/tests that can support the DEA’s claims.

As some of you may have noticed, the FDA all of a sudden has a 44th case now that states someone died because of Kratom use ONLY – nothing else on the toxicology report supposedly.

It’s VERY interesting how all of a sudden they found this one case that helps support their claim.

As many of you know, we do not sell the product for consumption due to the FDA guidelines on selling a non regulated product, so it’s hard for us to comment on specific things, but we do find it very interesting how they all of a sudden have this one case now.

The DEA is now going to use these “tests” from the FDA to backup the fact that they need to Schedule the plant, or at least temporarily schedule the plant until they can find further information.

Until the plant is scheduled by the Federal Government, there is absolutely nothing that will be done, and we are going to continue selling just like normal.

We all know that there is something fishy going on behind the scenes, and we need to pressure our Congress members to realize that the FDA/DEA are up to something that needs to be stopped.

Just like in 2016, the DEA cannot simply schedule the plant because they feel like doing so.

As long as we can pressure Congress into supporting the correct side on this fight, then the DEA/FDA will continue having a hard time doing anything they want done.

The government does not simply do what they want, no matter how much they wish they could.

Some of us may tend to think that we do not have any control in politics at times, but we have proved that the citizens have the final say in this country in 2016.

Please do not think that this is not serious, or “oh, this happens every year, so nothing is going to happen” – this is what they want you to think.

They are going to keep doing this, every single year, until the majority of people slowly stop caring, and until they get to the point where people simply stop calling.

If we all want to keep this plant here in the US without it being controlled by multi billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, then we are going to have to do our absolute best to stay educated, and to stay active with calling our representative(s) of Congress even it means doing it every couple of months.

As we always say, we have the absolute best SUPPORTERS in this industry, and we will do our absolute best to provide updated information as well as be here for anyone that needs further information or help with an order.

As of this time, there is nothing to worry about, but we will all need to keep a close eye on the Federal Register and what they are going to do in the next coming days/weeks/months, or even years.

Scheduling a product could take YEARS to get done, but we are sure they are going to do their best to expedite this procedure as much as possible.

Again, we will keep you updated as much as possible, but please do not panic as the product is not illegal within the United States as of this timeand if we all work together, it will never become illegal.

If you have any questions or want to talk to a human, feel free to call us at 540-993-6953.

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