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Dismantle the FDA

The FDA has been in the pockets of big pharma forever as we all know.  What most people don’t know about though is that they approve hundreds of drugs that are extremely dangerous.  Even after significant study and warnings from the drug industry, doctors, patients, and their own studies, many of these dangerously addictive drugs, still made it to the market and as more are coming along they keep approving them.  Bad decisions made by the FDA kill thousands every year and they have yet to be held accountable for their failure of their entire mission to protect the American people from dangerous and deadly drugs and food.  Yet they have plenty of time to fight the two most natural substances that actually save lives and have been proven safe and have killed no one.  The FDA is no longer viable and needs to be overhauled.  Drug industries should not be advertising since their product should only be used as needed.  It time for kickbacks and favors to end.

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