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Changing Inventory

The Kratom market is constantly changing.  With the FDA and DEA putting their noses where they don’t belong and Mastercard and Visa give vendors a hard time about how our customers can pay.  It’s not just Kratom though, its CBD and other herbs that they have decided to attack, though they admittedly have no evidence.  This volatility is causing vendors to find new ways of doing business and some are dropping out of the market.

Because of this I have found some other suppliers.  I like to buy from suppliers in the states that get their product from the farmers.  This way it is fresh and lab-tested.  So, there will be different strains that are no longer available and new ones added.  Keep this in mind when making orders as I phase out some strains from certain suppliers that are exiting the market.

Thanks so much for you past support.  I will continue to provide the best quality Kratom I can find.

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